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Why Join this club?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is in it for me?

A: The pool of contacts, knowledge and expertise within each group help you grow your business significantly in a very cost effective way.

Q: I am new to this what is the best way of knowing more?

A: The BEST way is visit our local venue and to promote your business.The meetings will help you understand what we offer.

Q: How does Cvga promote my Business?

A: Business by Breakfast promote your business in several ways As a member, you will be working with the group of like - minded professionals of which will be working with you in promoting your business.

  • From time to time members and Cvga will be bringing guests to the Venue which in turn could be your additional client or introduction or maybe the business you are waiting for.
  • Receiving and giving business to each of the member of the team creates a rapport and maybe a life time business friend. What would you do to a person that will give you a ? 40m dollars worth of referrals/ business?
  • All the members or guests alike at your particular Venue or Group will have the chance to carry your business cards, brochures & leaflets and given the chance will pass it on to potential clients or introductions.
  • Members within the group, will learn about your business and actively look for opportunities to recommend you
  • Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in marketing.
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