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About Us

Cvga is a forum for people engaged in business to exchange ideas and foster personal development and business growth.

Cvga is held each Wednesday morning at the Royal Coach Motor Inn.  As well as promoting their own individual businesses, members learn from each other and guest speakers.  Each member of the group contributes to the growth of their fellow members business by referring business opportunities.
A typical meeting would go as follows:


The following agenda should be followed where possible
7:15 Commence Meeting
Chair Person welcomes Members, Guest Speaker and Guests

Mission Statement
Thought of the day/Quote of the week (ask for volunteers) Apologies
Report from various committees (eg Social Events Co-ordinator, Membership Committee
Welcome to New Members
7:20       On the table (newspaper article)
7:25       A  Individual Informercial; or B Individual talk on each member’s business
7:35       Introduce guest speaker or internal speaker
7:55       Question Time and thank guest speaker
8:00       Referrals
8:10       Business Tit Bits (optional) General Business – Any interesting that has happened in  the  business world (ask for volunteer)
8:13       Secretary to record referrals and inform members, numbers of referrals also call committee members to confirm meeting times.
8:15       Close Meeting


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