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Who We Are

Cvga is a not for profit group of Adelaide business professionals like-minded business owners who come together to promote their business. Members effectively become advocates of each other’s by networking events and business meeting; where possible refer business opportunities to each other. We offer Small business and Professional business people the opportunity to grow within their own work environment.

More about us

Cvga promotes Ethical and Professional Business Practices.

Statement of Purpose

Cvga is a forum for people engaged in business to exchange ideas and foster personal development and business growth.

The best part about us is that we have an extensive community of renowned, experienced, novice and small entrepreneurs who share the same platform and evolve together. One can share their experiences, ideas and grow the entire entity in Adelaide. Our company believes in crafting a positive and productive ambience and encourage budding entrepreneurs to survive and grow in the competitive market. From mitigating financial risk to developing marketing strategies or leveraging social media platforms, you will learn everything under one roof. We also organise business events and seminars where you can meet experienced business owners and learn from their struggles and stories. You can become a member of our forum and enjoy lucrative benefits. You can even explore well-established and low-investment businesses for sale in Adelaide by joining us.

Cvga is held each Wednesday morning at the Royal Coach Motor Inn.  As well as promoting their own individual businesses, members learn from each other and guest speakers.  Each member of the group contributes to the growth of their fellow members business by referring business opportunities.

Statement of Principles

Members should subscribe to a code of conduct which commits to mutual care and concern for each other in both a business and personal sense and which will have as essential attributes respect for each other, honesty in their dealings and integrity in the interests of the Club.  The interest of the Club shall be paramount and take priority over the interests of an individual or group of members, their business and personal life.

Management of the Club

The Club is managed by a board appointed under the Club’s Constitution.  Every member is admitted to membership in a unique or exclusive membership category which categorises their business/occupation/industry.

The interests of the Club are paramount over personal interests and where there is a conflict the interest of the Club will prevail.

Cvga encourages and promotes member awareness and education through seminars and the attendance of regular external speakers.

Essentially Cvga exists as a business networking forum for members in the Norwood and adjoining areas and isn't limited geographically.

Knowledge Centre For Entreprenuers in Australia

Listed below is a list of articles that can help you get a better understanding of Australian Business laws and the best practices to follow:

Starting your own business is one of the biggest step any individual takes in their life. It's best to always proceed with caution and make sure that you are going after the right business. If you are new to the business industry and wish to get a head start then it's best to buy an existing business rather than starting one from scratch.

An existing business can be a lucrative offer but it's always best to proceed with caution. For less risk, it's even better to start a franchise business, brands that are popular and already have a big name for themselves will allow you to make sales starting from day one. In the end, no matter which path you take, in order to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to put all your time and worth into the business and always start working towards your end goal for the business.

Networking & Events for Business Owners

There is no denying the fact that Adelaide has a vibrant and thriving business market. The city is home to various leading businesses, corporation houses and industries. We, at Cvga, gives opportunity to those who are new in this entrepreneurial journey to meet experienced business owners and promote their businesses

Many successful entrepreneurs across Adelaide have commenced their businesses to create their own success stories, like the best removalists in Adelaide. Our Not for profit organisation focuses on creating a community of those business owners who want to share their experiences and success stories. That’s why we organise business events and programs to let potential entrepreneurs advocate each other and improve the overall economy of the city as well as Australia. If you want to join our networking and events, then contact us. We are always here to assist you. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get all the latest updates about our upcoming events.


Do you want to make a change in
the way you are carrying out business?
Be more successfull and grab
more opportunities.
Come and be part of the business by
breakfast network and we can take you
to the next level.
All Welcome.

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